Robotica en 3D printing have more in common than you might expect on first sight!

The current generation FDM 3D printers, just as our robotics need to be controlled. This is done by integrating a controller board in the product. 
Currently often used components in both 3D printers and Robotica are Arduino/Freaduino Uno, Mega Ramp 1.4 and 2560.

Freaduino UnoRamp 1.4 Mega 2560
            Freaduino UNO                   Ramps 1.4 +Freaduino Mega 2560

The second thing which connects robotica with 3D printing are the components being created with the 3D printing technology for use in robotics. This can include a housing for the Freaduino UNO controller board, but also be all the parts a robot needs from a finger cage to holders of stepper motors. Good examples are the Open Source projects of bq (Printbot) and Inmoov where electronics and 3D printed parts are assembled into a Robot!

Freaduino case    Inmoov robot
              Freaduino UNO case                                Inmoov robot

3DPrinterPoint brengt in samenwerking met onder andere de firma bq uit Spanje robotica binnen bereik van kinderen en het onderwijs!
Door geprinte onderdelen te combineren met een starterskit Robotica kan iedereen aan de slag met Robotica.
In cooperation with the Spanish firm bq, 3DPrinterPoint brings robotics within reach of children and education! 

Using printed parts in combination with a starter Robotics kit anyone can get started with robotics.

All components are free for download from our database. The Starter Kit is available through our webshop and can be found by clicking here

Currently we are developing the roadmaps that make it possible to incrementally build your own robot and start programming! 

    Robot kit                          Printbot Kikkervis                           PrintBot krab

But we will also show you that the robot kit can be combined with existing toys like Lego and Knex.




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