For Secondary Schools

How would you feel if you and your colleagues could build your own 3D Printer as a team? Impossible? Of course not. If your pupils are able to do it, surely you can too!
Use 3D technique to enrich your lessons and projects, feel your creations in your hand, made by you.
Education is changing and developing rapidly. The government is focusing more towards the “excellent school” with goals of better performance for students and improving  the quality of education, the teachers and school leaders. Good results over all is now a goal, not only the core subjects. All is a meaningful goal, but this often may require a change in thinking and doing.
For 3DPrinterPoint it is important that in addition to the quality of content, it seamlessly connects to practical usage. 
We believe that in addition to keeping the original goals of curricula, we have to keep
up with developments within the schools and the government and focus also on what keeps students motivated and excited.
We use the latest 3D printers and technical applications. The students of today are the generation that will be dealing with new technological developments and opportunities, but must also be trained to cope with future problems. They will be the inventors and developers of the needed solution.

Our focus is both primary and secondary students, in addition to curriculum goals, our programs will emphasize research and design. Besides that projects are flexible enough to compliment a variety of other disciplines (e.g.  Writing techniques, organization and focus, Evaluation and Revision, Presentation) 
We believe 3DPrinterPoints' curricula and projects can and will excite students. We also know that not every school have teachers with technical know-how, which is why, we offer pre-training projects to the teachers involved prior to the start a project, and If so desired, we can also provide extended training and explanations to the entire school-team.

Besides face to face collaboration we also offer your school a space on our website. At this space we will provide you with project information, curricula, drawings/models, and all other things you need to get you and your students going on the projects. It will also offer you means to upload your own documents and designs, all this so you and your colleagues can find all information in one place!
We also offer products from suppliers that share our passion for the necessity of integrating 3D techniques into education. We like to give meaning to your interest and guide you in making the best choices for your particular activity.
Please fill out our application form and we will contact you soon!



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