For Primary Education

For Primary Education
Investigating start with our youngest ! Children are filled with questions!
This provides us with a valuable treasure chest of information and opportunities to work with. Get rid of old rigid teaching methods , dare to be innovative and explore the possibilities with a different perspective on education.  without making any concessions to curriculum development and their associated intermediate and final goals!
For lower, middle and kids in the upper classes researching education remains important . to include this in each phase in curricula is often not so easy .
We would like to offer a helping hand and provide you with the opportunity  trigger both the investigating and designing interests of the children.
The curricula of 3DPrinterPoint are created in a way that – in cooperation with you – they will be complementary to all disciplines. So even on subjects where the emphasis lays in the current school education like math and languages. We use of the latest 3D printers and technical applications .
To excite the kids , it is important that your school to supports this methode . We are aware that the technical expertise is not always directly present in every school in a ways  to start straight away. Therefore, we offer pre- training projects for the teachers who will carry out the project and , if desired, we provide extensive training and explanation for the whole school !
What would you, for example, think of building a 3D printer with your colleagues? Impossible?
Of course not . If children can, you'll surely be able to do it as well!
That is exactly our point! Let children explore and design and marvel at the results. Encourage creativity and discover new opportunities for ourselves.
Our enthusiastic team will help you, so children making the step towards the secondary and vocational education will even be better prepared.
In addition to a face-to - face collaboration we offer participating schools a private location on our website.
On your page, we will provide you with project information, curricula, drawings and everything needed to get directly started with the projects in your class.
It also offers the ability to upload your own designs and additional documents so you and your colleagues can all access and find  the information in one place!
We have the products in our range of suppliers who share  the passion and need for the implementation of 3D technology in education. During our projects, you have the opportunity to work with this site and share the experiences of your team with us. We complement  your whishes and guide you in making the right choices .
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