3D Schoolpoint

The starting point for primary and secondary schools for good and attractive (STEM) education!

Does your school have a focus on technique?
Is there enough attention possible to develop creativity?
Are the students sufficiently challenged?

The team of 3DPrinterPoint makes the latest technologies accessible to schools and students of all ages. We hereby use eg 3D printing technology because it alongside an innovative technique also adds a new dimension to education.

The current system ( in the Netherlands) ensures many schools that they are stuck for years at a teaching method from one supplier. Because of the long life cycle and the lag of updates the method develops inadequate along with new developments within and outside education.

Digital learning materials are offered as an added value and usually increases costs.

3DPrinterPoint develops in close consultation with schools teaching materials which can be used directly within the existing curriculum, or if desired, covering for example a project (-week). In addition, schools have an online account with which it is possible to at and manage materials at classroom level.

Through close contact with both schools, businesses and our suppliers our teaching materials are continuously monitored and updated. This is to ensure the timeliness and goals of your school and our teaching materials.

Because we are conscious of the fact that implementing education with a technical approach is sometimes difficult due to the lack of technical knowledge available. Therefor we standardly offer a curriculum with our material in which we prepare teachers and supervisors on the application of technology in the classroom.

By teaming up with both schools, business and suppliers we think along with the completion of the course objectives and content of tomorrow!
Our educational programs are tailored to the curriculum development drawn up by governments and add a dimension to the learning process. It enables students to experiment and to get started with 3D technology.

Sign up your school today and discover the features it has to offer you!



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