3D Printer World: 3DPrinterPoint Wants Kids to Lead the 3D Printing Charge


A startup business led by a group of highly motivated and enthusiastic people in the Netherlands was enamored by the possibilities of 3D modeling and printing techniques, and they've come together with a focus on informing, teaching and sharing knowledge in primary and secondary schools.

"Adapting this technology into the classroom can renew, support, and perhaps even improve the field," said Ron Lukassen of 3DPrinterPoint. "We're looking for co-creativepartnerships with schools and to offer innovative curricula. There's so much to discover in the world made accessible by 3D printing. We think it's important that children get acquainted with the possibilities at a young age."

According to Lukassen, he's well aware that many schools are often operating with high workloads,  and he says they tell him "we already have to do so much." Lukassen thinks that mindset alone is an inhibiting factor in introducing the possibilities of 3D printing technology to students. He added that the idea that teachers must first be technicians themselves to effectively teach the technology works to scare off educators who might otherwise be open to including it in their coursework.

"We only work with professional parties and institutions that recognize the educational interest of 3D printing," Lukassen says. "We want to work with schools to provide excellent guidance, and we want to help set up projects, implement the right equipment and offer our support in an advisory role."

To make that happen, Lukassen says 3DPrinterPoint involves suppliers, businesses and local governments to get their input to create educational projects to match needs from a variety of perspectives. He added that 3DPrinterPoint will offer customized training like workshops and classes.

By registering, schools get central access to all the curriculum from 3DPrinterPoint via their website, includingtask-based modules and supporting materials like drawings to simplify the learning process.

"We know this new technology will demand innovative and creative problem solving skills from the next generation," Lukassen says. "Theoretical knowledge has increasingly been the focus in the development of primary and secondary education, and in primary education, the focus has been limited to a few core activities. Our vision is about the need to redress that situation and make sure that practical knowledge is taught as well."

At this point, Lukassen says the group's major focus is searching for partnership ideas from suppliers and educators who can aid them in their mission to develop quality educational programs and training.

"We met a representatives of a California 3D printer company during our trip to the 3D Printer World Expo in the US, and we're hoping to start collaborating on educational programs in both the US and the Netherlands using their great product," Lukassen said.

To get in touch with Lukassen and his team, you can visit their site, 3dprinterpoint.com, or email them at info@3dprinterpoint.com.

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3D Printer World: 3DPrinterPoint Wants Kids to Lead the 3D Printing Charge


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